Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tech Tip: Banging your iPod fixes it!!

WARNING: This will probably void any valid warranty. Don't do this if you have a valid warranty.

Sad Paddy (broken iPod)

Before you're tempted to call bulls**t on this, it's pretty reliable. How reliable? I saw it done right in front of my eyes. At first I didn't believe this would work. I heard about a friend of a friend of a friend throwing his broken iPod in rage against a wall. It magically worked after that. Then he told the friend of a friend (who also had a broken iPod) just to bang it off of a desk. Again, the impact fixed the problem, the iPod worked again!

To finish off the story, I was discussing this story with my friends (Paddy). Surprise, surprise one of them had a broken iPod. Five minutes ago, literally he gave the iPod a bang off of the desk. And guess what, it worked!

If you've got a broken iPod, that is NOT under warranty, and doesn't work. Try giving it a bang off a desk (not too hard though, you don't want to smash it!!). So far it's worked! If it IS still under warranty, try getting it fixed before you send it back.

Anyway, the juicy stuff: bang the *side* of the broken iPod against a surface. Then test to see if it works!

End result: Happy Paddy!!

Feel free to leave comments (if it worked or otherwise)...

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